ch Copper Healing Wand

This beautiful, hand-crafted copper wand has a crystal ball on one end and a clear, crystal point on the other to help transfer healing energy. measures 7"

GHs 200.00

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qtz Quartz Angel Copper Wand

The Copper Angel wand has been specifically crafted to aid you in channeling energy to aid in summoning angels, or channeling their power within your magic. The entire piece measures approximately 6 1/2" long, fitting comfortably in your palm.

GHs 280.00

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bellt Alter Bell

Hear the light, ringing song of this small silver-plated bell and incorporate it in your magic.

GHs 100.00

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chl Pentagram Chalice

This simple, yet elegant, silver plated chalice has a double-ringed pentagram engraved on opposing sides.

GHs 180.00

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atham Two Tone Athame

Decorated with elaborate scroll work in tones of silver and gold, this ritual athame seems to be inspired by the design of medieval Europe and the ancient Celts. Use its powerful symbolism to aid you in your ritual magick. (Can not ship to MA or CA)

GHs 150.00

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