Dragon Adjustable Ring

This wonderful ring presents the image of a dragon rearing back in an almost playful fashion, with the dragon's tail actually forming the ring. Made of sterling silver, it is fully adjustable in size. 3/4" across, adjustable between sizes 7 - 10, dragon is 1/2" high.

GHs 250.00

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  Large Silver Ankh Pendant

Enchantingly crafted of sterling silver, this pendant is sculpted into the shape of an Ahnkh, the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life. This pendant stands 1 3/8" high, 3/4" wide at its widest point.

GHs 180.00

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Small Pewter Pentagram Pendant

Used within Jewish and Esoteric Kabbalistic traditions, the tetragrammaton blends the four worlds of creation, the four elements, the four archangels, the four cardinal directions and the four letters in the name of God. 3/4" in diameter.

GHs 70.00

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1/2" Budha Charm (10 Pack)

A generous 10 pack of 1/2" Buddha charms. The perfect size for a charm bracelet or for those who prefer smaller pendants. Comes with an additional link for each charm to enable various attachment methods.

GHs 100.00

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Silver Plated Brass Pentagram Ring

A size 9 pentagram ring, Symbol area measures approx. 1/4". Made from solid brass plated in silver.

GHs 120.00

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