Crystal Balls

Crystal ball is a traditional and widely known tool for your divination magic and meditative studies. Gaze into it and explore all that it may show you. Stands not included. We sell clear Crystal Balls and coloured ones. Sizes ranges from 50mm to 6". Send us an email stating your choice of crystal ball including size and colour and we shall get back to you with the order prize.


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Dragon Crystal Ball Stand

Both simple and elegant, this crystal ball stand can hold 100mm and larger crystal balls, with its wide base and three legs stylized in the image of dragons.

GHs 200.00

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Celtic Knot Scrying Mirror

Featuring Celtic Zoomorphic birds and copper colored Celtic knots framing the scrying mirror, this lovely ritual tool is the perfect piece for the Celtic Seer.

GHs 300.00

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Black Stone Scrying Bowl

Discover the art of scrying with this black stone scrying bowl. Simply fill it with water and gaze within in the same manner as the Ancient Greeks and Nostradamus.

GHs 150.00

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Pentagram, Tripple Moon Scrying Bowl

A wonderful scrying bowl depicting the triple moon symbol of the goddess with large central, full moon containing a pentacle. The rest of the bowl is further decorated with Cletic Knotwork and simulated gems. Measures approx. 3" high x 5" across the opening.

GHs 250.00

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